The Maldon Brass Band was Founded by Richard Cowling in 1863(1). The Band originally Started out as a Drum and Fife Band, Becoming a Brass band Sometime between 1890 and 1905. From the 60’s to the Early 90’s, The Maldon Brass Band Became the Maldon Municipal Band. Perhaps this was Due to the Shire of the time, Which Paid The Band 20 Gunieas (21 Pounds or $42)
After Much Discussion, The Maldon Municipal Band was Changed Back to the Maldon Brass Band.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1956), Wednesday 23 June 1897, page 9

Early in the morning thanksgiving ser- vices were held by the united churches. At half-past 11 a.m. a procession started from   the shire-hall, headed by the Maldon Brass     Band, followed by the members of the Maldon Shire Council, and in the following  order came the fire brigade, the various   friendly societies, with flying banners, with fully 1,000 children with their teachers, the whole being marshalled by Mr. George Ray,   jun., the procession being fully one mile   and a half in length. When the procession   arrived at the shire reserve the children were formed into a ring and a royal   salute of 21 guns fired. All present then sang the National Anthem. After a short address by the president of the shire (Mr. James M’Lay), the children were marched  to the state school, where refreshments   were provided, and in the afternoon sports were held. Flags were flying in all direc- tions. The shire-hall and several private   places were illuminated in the evening, and church serves were held.

The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 – 1931), Thursday 24 October 1907, page 7

The awards at the Ballarat South street

competitions today were as follow :- E flat bass solo – F. Appleby, Ararat, 88, 1; G. Thompson (Newtown. N.S.W.), 82, 2. Hartley Harmer (Broken HOI), and J Butcher (Maldon), 81 points each, tied for third place. Eighteen competitors. Septette for brass band – Perth City (W.A.), 78, 1: Newtown Band (N.S.W.), 75. 2;   Richmond City Band. 70 points, 3. Port Pine Band, S.A., 69 points, 4. No other competitors. Euphonium solo – R. Piper (Perth City), 86 points, 1; A. Edwards (Launceston), 84 points, 2. Twenty-eight competitors. Soprano solo – W. H. Davis (Marvborough Band). 85 points, 1; H. Partington (Perth). 82 points, . 2: J, Hickey (Geelong) and H. Shugg (Geelong) equal. 81, points. 3. Quartet, brass – (Maldon Brass Band), 81 points, 1: (Perth Citv Band), 78 points, 2; (Newtown Band,

The Band has played at some interesting events such as The Maldon Easter Fair and The Country Fire Authorities 1904 Urban State Championships (below).

The Band Currently plays at Many of The Towns Events, Including The Maldon Australia Day Celebrations, The Maldon Easter Fair, The Maldon Folk Festival, Maldon Lions Club – Carols in the Park and Various other Community Events.
If You have any information or Photographs of our band, We would love to receive them!
Please send an e-mail to maldonbrassband@gmail.com
(1) Maldon & The Tarrangower Diggings 2nd Edition 1979, A J Williams

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